Teeth Whitening Pen

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Save Money and Trips To The Dentist!


Factors like smoking and drinking tea, coffee, chocolate and more can leave a stain on your teeth, and over time will accumulate and will cause your teeth to become yellow.

The Teeth Whitening Pen whitens your teeth immediately and effectively just by using it once a day.

It uses natural teeth whitening ingredients to attack stubborn teeth stains and eliminating them permanently, bringing back your shiny white teeth.


  • Tooth whitening pen does not need any tray to whiten your teeth.
  • Convenient to carry and use on the go.
  • Thoroughly and effectively target stubborn stains.


  • Clean and dry your teeth. 
  • Open the cover. Twist another end of the pen. 
  • Brush the gel on to your teeth. 
  • Do not touch your teeth within 30 seconds to 1 minute. 
  • Clean your mouth after 30 minutes. 


  • 1 x Teeth Whitening Pen